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Transition, train, transform: Your pathway to innovation

Calling all forward-thinking professionals in diverse fields: seize this opportunity with Cyber Innovate. MTU offers a strategic pivot into the world of cyber security innovation and entrepreneurship, providing a postgraduate qualification in a dynamic learning environment.

Our training is designed to hone your expertise into high-impact innovation in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity field. As a Cyber Innovate graduate you will be equipped to identify and validate business opportunities in cybersecurity, to plan and execute a startup within your new network of businesses, funders and cybersecurity experts.



Why make the transition?

At MTU, your potential is our priority.

€38,000 tax-free stipend: Transitioning careers is a bold move, and we honour your commitment with a €38,000 tax-free stipend for 10 months. This is more than an education; Its an investment in your capacity to innovate, equipped with design thinking and lean startup methodologies.

Immersive, real-world challenges: As a Cyber Innovator, you’ll master applied cybersecurity across IT, OT, and IoT domains. It’s your springboard to becoming an entrepreneurial force, equipped with design thinking and lean startup strategies.

The three pillars of Cyber Innovate

Building a strong Cyber foundation.

1. Community and networking: At MTU, innovation thrives and leaders are born. We offer a wealth of collaborative and mentorship opportunities to fuel your startup’s journey from inception to impact.

With the regional cybersecurity cluster at your doorstep, you’ll forge meaningful connections, gain practical experience through immersion in partner industries and organisations, and collaborate on projects that tackle the most pressing industry challenges. At MTU we spark the connections that empower you to redefine the digital world.


2. Innovation support and resources: Our research centres and innovation hubs are a catalyst for change. Collaborate with industry leaders to craft market-driven solutions, utilising top-tier facilities for prototyping and product testing. Navigate your journey from concept to commercialisation with our dedicated support in IP and technology transfer.

3. Educational programmes and entrepreneurial support: Our wide range of courses, workshops and programmes are designed to equip you with all the skills you’ll need to succeed — from fundamental business principles to advanced startup strategies.

Beyond the classroom, affiliated incubator and accelerator programmes offer mentorship and access to a thriving network of advisors and investors. Here, startups don’t just grow; they thrive and amplify their market impact.


Influence change as a 
Cyber Innovate Partner

Join Cyber Innovate as a partner to be a part of cybersecurity’s future. Become a Cyber Innovate Immersive Environment (CIIE) Host, offering a real-world space where our participants can understand and tackle cybersecurity functions. Or submit a cybersecurity challenge to be solved by our teams.

Your expertise, from fintech to energy and smart manufacturing, will guide tomorrow’s solutions.

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Our team of cyber pioneers

At Cyber Innovate, we bring together a multidisciplinary team of distinguished cybersecurity and computer science specialists.

Our team is drawn from the cutting-edge of MTU’s various initiatives and departments — from the comprehensive expertise of the computer science and business faculties, to the pioneering spirit of the Cyber Skills project and the Rubicon Centre. We are a collective driven by a shared dedication to advancing science and technology. For inquiries about Cyber Innovate or to discuss the sector’s latest developments, connect with our experts today. Let’s continue the dialogue towards securing your digital tomorrow.


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